Tino is a great teacher that made a subject that at times can be quite heavy, easier to grasp. I would definitely recommend attending one of Tino's courses. (April 2018)

Tino was a great tutor on the TUV Rheinland approved Functional Safety course, its heavy going but he made it manageable and enjoyable. Thanks a lot for a good few days and a great outcome, I passed!! (April 2018)

I was in Tino’s class for the FS Engineer (TUV Rhineland) SIS Training. It was a rigorous 3 days of class work with an exam the 4th Day. Though rigorous, Tino is a complete teacher with amazing in depth knowledge of the subject. He delivers his teachings with easy to relate illustrations, seasoned with occasional humours and passion that leaves his students in total appreciation of the subject. I’ve been to many training classes in past 20 years I must say Tino’s class rank among the best I’ve attended. It was very educative, riveting and refreshing in every positive way. I am not surprise Tino comes highly recommended, he knows his stuff and he’s a great Teacher! (April 2018)

I feel lucky to have been trained by you for my Functional Safety Engineer course. It was a three days class with full of experience, scenarios and examples with which the standard was covered. The course was very well planned and organised within the time. The course material was handy to refer, which can be used for future references also. Class room exercises helped to understand. The home work questions and next day review helped to remember daily lessons and clarify doubts. All the concepts were explained very clearly, with correlation with our current industry and this helped understand easily and remember answers during the exam. Hope to apply this knowledge to the development and execute and maintain a successful project. Hope you have recovered from ill. Once again, thank you. Take care. (March 2018)

Last Week I took part to his FS course: Great Course, Great Teacher, Great Content. Thanks to Tino I improved a lot my knowledge, I can only strongly recommend him and his course!!! Thanks Tino!!!! (March 2018)

I got the opportunity to attend his FSE course last week in MIlan (March 2018). Finally the dark aspects of this discipline have unfolded, preparing me to face these issues without fear. Many Thanks Tino

The FS course was exactly I was expected. I came to check if my thoughts are on the same page with FS standards. Tino just pointed on those gaps that I always had concerns. Now I became more confident and can recommend to everyone to follow Tino's FS cources. Thanks Tino!!! (March 2018)

Dear Tino, I followed your course October 2017 and I must admit that that it was challenging. 3 days in a row followed by an exam on the 4th day. Not easy at all. But I learned a lot. I am now more confident as a safety advisor to discuss functional safety with our engineers and to develop in my company safe, reliable and functional safety systems. Beside that I have now a new network of competent people in the field. As process safety ambassador for Umicore I certainly will recommend the training in the next phase of our journey to process safety implementation. Thanks again. Marc

I attended the TUV Functional Safety course at Abu Dhabi in Sept'2017. Tino gave a complete overview of Functional Safety with all stages of the FS lifecycle, combined with real stories of accidents/disasters to establish the importance of FS, without dwelling into too many calculations, formula etc.,. I could get a complete picture of FSMS . I was impressed with Tino's knowledge, vast experience , complete mastery over the subject and his motivation to participants in preparation and performing the follow-up exams. I strongly recommend this course to anybody involved in Functional Safety Management .

I attended 3 days Functional Safety Engineer course at Abudhabi and consider myself fortunate to join this course taught by FS expert Tino. Tino is Senior Expert in Functional Safety practicing for many years & involved on many International Standards Committee. I personally like his unbiased & independent views relating to FS design & implementation for fulfilling the requirements stated by IEC Standards. For me, personally Functional Safety Specification, SIS Design & Implementation , Verification & Validation was real take away. I felt that 3 days course was really engaging due to its structured topics covering all aspects of Functional Safety with regards to the relevant IEC & ISA standards. I would recommend this course to anyone who is involved & practicing Functional Safety in their profession.

I recently took part in a functional safety engineering course lead by Tino and I successfully passed the final examination; a success that I share with Tino; so I strongly recommend him as a knowledgeable trainer for those seeking such specialty in the field of functional safety

Making non-sense should passing a training course successfully, but not mentioning how extensive knowledge of instructor along with his personal attitudes played a great role to achieve so. I recently passed course "Functional Safety" under Tino's instruction & guidance quite efficiently & effectively, leading to learn an enormous amount of practical knowledge of "Functional Safety" never thought before. And don't hesitate to recommend Safety Engineers, Process Engineers and Instrument Engineers to gain benefits of attending this course. Wishing the best and with the best wishes for all aspects of his life.

I was Part of the TUV Functional Safety course held at Abu Dhabi in Sept'2017. Tino gave the training on Functional Safety with easiness using his vast experience and knowledge .He also shown some videos of the real stories of industry accidents to enhance the importance of Functional Safety. The participants were relatively smaller in numbers and the atmosphere of the class room was excellent. Training was very useful , practical and inspiring me to follow the safety standards. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who involved in Functional Safety Management .

I took part in the functional safety training in March 2017 and Tino was my trainer. The training itself was very interesting and useful for me as for System Integrator and real life examples from Tino made it easy to understand even the most complicated topics. Great training by very experienced trainer.

I've attended Tino's FS Engineer training course in Milano in March 2017. It was impressive demonstration of how to provide an insight into very broad and complex subject in very limited time by combining lectures, discussions, exercises and homework tasks. Strongly recommended!

To whom it may concern, I highly recommend the TÜV Functional Safety Engineer training class by Mr. Tino Vande Capelle which I attended myself in January 2017. In just 3 days Tino succeeded to get the utmost out of each of the participants by using his knowledge, experience and anecdotes in the field of functional safety. He challenged all of us to interact, no time to lay back. It personnaly delivered me the insight into the lifecycle model of functional safety. This training really is value for money! Thanks, Tino.

Tino, thank you for the TÜV Functional Safety training. Thanks to your functional safety expertise and passion i passed the exam with flying colours! Cheers!

Hi Tino, thanks for the very usefull, practical and high level TÜV Functional Safety training! It was tough, theoretical and an awful lot in a short time, but you kept it interesting and possible to pass. Great!!

Capacity in approaching to the topics and teaching the participants into the SIS is stunning. Even hardly understandable and complicated parts of lectures Mr. Tino brilliantly explained in simple and efficient way as well that Functional Safety is not only that but also ongoing process of the people, equipment and procedures. It was a pleasure to attend the lectures and gain real knowledge of Functional safety. Tino, thank you for dedication and passionate work to share great personal knowledge. I highly recommend this TVC Course to anyone who wants to extend knowledge of Functional Safety.

I participated in a Functional Safety Course delivered by Tino in Teheran, Iran, Oct 30 - Nov 2 2016. The course was very useful and really challenging. Tino brought his vast engineering experiences with the demands for practical application of functional safety standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 in the process industry. His teaching skills and vast knowledge resulted in easy understanding of the subject and it was rich enough to achieve process safety in desired level in practice in every life-cycle phase. He also taught us the safety culture and not compromising safety. I highly recommend this course to all engineers and managers involved in process functional safety. Dear Tino, thanks for the great experience.

As an engineer who has spent years in South Pars Gas Filed as a significant mega project, I think I wasn’t lucky to find Tino sooner. He is more than a good trainer who explains, demonstrates and shares practical functional safety knowledge with you. As a great one he inspires you to follow functional safety concepts in each life-cycle phase of process industries. I highly recommend him to all I&C engineers interested in functional safety and SIS to participate in his program or use his consultancy since it will change your frameworks. Thanks TUV Rheinland, GM International and Tino as TVC for presenting the first Functional Safety program in Iran.

I attended the Functional safety training held by Tino in October 2016 and I recommend it to anyone interested in the subject. The concept of the well thought presentations, full-filled very often with practical examples and lessons learned from the industry together with interaction with the participants, opens new view of the complex matter related to achieving functional safety.

Tino's teaching skills, devotion and enormous knowledge showed me a new world of engineering in a way that it was absolutely easy to understand, clear to try looking for answers and, what is the most important, rich enough to start asking questions. FSE and SIS itself, exist in my company since it was designed, I have worked on it day by day, year by year, but I recently and finally realized what has to be done in near future (ASAP) to achieve process and equipment safety on a satisfactory level. Thank You Tino, and all the best both in life and in a career (I don't have a doubt about it.)

I have attended in the Functional Safety training in March 2016, Manchester UK . Tino is a true professional with a broad safety experience. I would strongly recommend Tino's Functional Safety Engineering course to anyone involved in safety related business.

I attended the FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) training held in February 2016 in the GMI offices in Milan (Italy). Tino's experience is incredible and the way to present the arguments is clear and effective. He's always available for any clarification and creates a very positive atmosphere. Nothing is more true of his words at the end of the course "Remember to check out your SOFTWARE in ALL YOUR safety related devices/systems and READ & UNDERSTAND your certificates/reports/safety manuals and documentation before dreaming that you are SAFE" Thank you Tino