One of the best choices I made this year, was to follow the training “Functional Safety Engineer SIS”, certified by TÜV Rheinland. The reduction of human errors is key in functional safety. Tino showed all aspects on how to do this, highlighted benefits as well as disadvantages, and let us practise with exercises. IEC 61508/61511 were explained very clearly, in a simple way, with focus on the essence, as only one can do who completely masters the subject. Any questions were answered well-founded and stuffed with practical examples. And beyond the guidelines, Tino added valuable insights, based on his rich experience, and he puts the things in the right perspective. The study material is excellent. I would recommend this course to anyone who has the required experience, and who is interested to increase his/hers process safety expertise. (Oct 2019)

Thanks for teaching me with such an enthusiasm the knowledge of functional safety. (Oct 2019)

Last week had a Functional Safety training from Tino. Atmosphere during trainig was nice and a bit informal though professional. Passed the exam and now waiting for the official certificate. Thanks Tino (Oct 2019)

Thank’s Tino for a challenging and rewarding few days. The detail and volume of material for FS training isn't to be taken lightly. Thankfully in Tino's hands this is exceptionally well managed and presented. This in turn gives the best chance of success. More importantly it provides the best understanding of the role and of the responsibilities that come with being FS Eng. (Jul 2019)

Thanks Tino for delivering a brilliant course. It was very well packaged with practical applications and examples. You delivered it with passion and kept our interests high. Definitely hard work on the student's part but very rewarding in the end. Will highly recommend your course to anyone interested in pursuing a Functional Safety (SIS) Career. Thanks once again. (Jul 2019)

t was my pleasure to be one of Tino students, during that class, Tino teach me many things would change my entire carrier, I can say Tino moved me to a higher level in safety, I can’t hide my admiration about his huge experience, knowledge that he has, and the way he delivers that knowledge to us, it was one of the best classes I have ever attend, thank you Tino for your efforts really appreciated (Jun 2019)

Tino's class about Functional Safety is a must for every person working in the chemical sector with some responsibiltity. After finishing this class I realized how usefull this knowledge is to support the elevation of the overall safety level in each sector where potential hazardous situations can occur. On top of that, Tino's teaching is marvelous, bright, clear and pleasant. I really recommend the combination Tino and the course Functional Safety. Thank you Tino ! (April 2019)

Thanks to Tino who has brought a pretty dry subject to life ! A very well respected instructor who will capture your attention at all times, highly recommended ! It’s so good we are organising our office members to sign up next year ! (March 2019)

I have attended FS ENG (TÜV RHEINLAND) SIS review course with Tino, 5th to 8th March held in Singapore. My experience with Tino was really great with the fact that Tino was a great Mentor and Tutor who helped us to understand the complicated subject of SIL in an absolutely easy way. Entire 3 days curriculum is set just nice and more pragmatic to understand and more importantly to pass the final exams! Tino has related the complete session with practical industry experience, which has an added value to the course. I would highly recommend Mr. Tino's 3 days FS ENG (TÜV RHEINLAND) SIS review course for anyone who is really aspiring to have certification us TUV FS engineer. PS: Please beware that there are many similar courses out there BUT NOT really certified by TUV RHEINLAND unlike what Tino has offered to us.! So if you are really willing to get certified as an FS engineer, I believe look no other than Tino! (March 2019)

Jumping into the course for Functional Safety Engineer was not possible without a great teacher like Tino. As a subject matter expert, Tino guided us through the entire material as a breeze which resulted in a great outcome for us as well as him. To the point training and to the point material made us understand Functional Safety and the Safety Lifecycle in the best way possible. Thank you Tino, keep on transfering your knowledge the way you are doing it, it makes Functional Safety understandings easy and to the point. (March 2019)

I attended FS engineering course with Tino last week (5-8th March 2019) in Singapore. I extend my special thanks to Tino for enlighten my path in the journey to learn about the Functional Safety. I admire the way in which Tino explains the content in a simple manner by making the Topic so innovative and forces you to dive in depths of Safety Systems. His precise lectures will clear your fundamentals of Functional safety and give you a good understanding of IEC standards. Class room exercises, home assignments and training material provided during the Training are added advantages. Anyone who is involved in practicing Functional Safety and interested in FS Engineer- SIS Training or FSM course, I would recommend to opt the Training courses being provided by Tino. His lessons & stories will help you to excel in your profession. (March 2019)

It was an honour to take the FS engineering course with TVC couple of months ago. As the course was extremely intrested due to the facilitator active interaction which is based on s massive experience and knowledge. Definitely I recommend The FS course/certificate with TVC (March 2019)

I was so lucky as to attend Tinos training course in Stavanger Week 47/18. With limited knowledge of the topic, I was worried that the course would be too extensive, and the exam too hard. But Tino managed to guide me through the 3 days of training, with ease! A lot of information was given, but in a clear and understandable manner! Well structured lectures, and usefull exersizes and homework, made me capable of passing the final exam. I highly recommend Tino and his FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) SIS training! (Nov 2018)

I was particularly impressed by the energy he radiated and the way he kept me concentrated even after several hours of hard work. My knowledge about functional safety before the course was limited to just few activities I practice at my everyday work, so I had to learn a lot. Was it worth the effort? Absolutely. (July 2018)

I attended Functional Safety Engineer (TUV Rhineland) SIS course in Croatia last week. I really enjoyed the class. Tino is experienced, knowledgeable and excellent instructor who gave a great explanation of the subject. He has a lot of experience in process industry and he is able to give example from practice for every topic that he teaches. The course is well organized and suitable for wide range of engineers, from beginners to the experts. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone involved in process industry. (June 2018)

Last week, June 5th to June 8th, I was in Tino’s class for the FS Engineer (TUV Rhineland) SIS Training held in Opatija, Croatia. In a first place I was wondering what can I learn for only 3 days, but with certainty I can confirm that with Tino you can learn a lot, even for 3 hours. Tino is really good teacher and for sure amazing functional safe expert. Course is well organised and really useful, for short period Tino has managed to completely change our approach and way of thinking about functional safe. For every our question Tino has had example from practice as an answer, what was wonderful. I also had a chance to speak and change some experience with Tino beside course and I see Tino as a person who really enjoy in his job and invests all his efforts to be only better and better. Tino I really want to thank you for knowledge and experience you shared us, I enjoyed in every second at you course and hope you would come again in Croatia to teach a new generation of functional safe engineers. (June 2018)

Tino is a great teacher that made a subject that at times can be quite heavy, easier to grasp. I would definitely recommend attending one of Tino's courses. (April 2018)

Tino was a great tutor on the TUV Rheinland approved Functional Safety course, its heavy going but he made it manageable and enjoyable. Thanks a lot for a good few days and a great outcome, I passed!! (April 2018)

I was in Tino’s class for the FS Engineer (TUV Rhineland) SIS Training. It was a rigorous 3 days of class work with an exam the 4th Day. Though rigorous, Tino is a complete teacher with amazing in depth knowledge of the subject. He delivers his teachings with easy to relate illustrations, seasoned with occasional humours and passion that leaves his students in total appreciation of the subject. I’ve been to many training classes in past 20 years I must say Tino’s class rank among the best I’ve attended. It was very educative, riveting and refreshing in every positive way. I am not surprise Tino comes highly recommended, he knows his stuff and he’s a great Teacher! (April 2018)

I feel lucky to have been trained by you for my Functional Safety Engineer course. It was a three days class with full of experience, scenarios and examples with which the standard was covered. The course was very well planned and organised within the time. The course material was handy to refer, which can be used for future references also. Class room exercises helped to understand. The home work questions and next day review helped to remember daily lessons and clarify doubts. All the concepts were explained very clearly, with correlation with our current industry and this helped understand easily and remember answers during the exam. Hope to apply this knowledge to the development and execute and maintain a successful project. Hope you have recovered from ill. Once again, thank you. Take care. (March 2018)

Last Week I took part to his FS course: Great Course, Great Teacher, Great Content. Thanks to Tino I improved a lot my knowledge, I can only strongly recommend him and his course!!! Thanks Tino!!!! (March 2018)

I got the opportunity to attend his FSE course last week in MIlan (March 2018). Finally the dark aspects of this discipline have unfolded, preparing me to face these issues without fear. Many Thanks Tino

The FS course was exactly I was expected. I came to check if my thoughts are on the same page with FS standards. Tino just pointed on those gaps that I always had concerns. Now I became more confident and can recommend to everyone to follow Tino's FS cources. Thanks Tino!!! (March 2018)

Dear Tino, I followed your course October 2017 and I must admit that that it was challenging. 3 days in a row followed by an exam on the 4th day. Not easy at all. But I learned a lot. I am now more confident as a safety advisor to discuss functional safety with our engineers and to develop in my company safe, reliable and functional safety systems. Beside that I have now a new network of competent people in the field. As process safety ambassador for Umicore I certainly will recommend the training in the next phase of our journey to process safety implementation. Thanks again. Marc

I attended the TUV Functional Safety course at Abu Dhabi in Sept'2017. Tino gave a complete overview of Functional Safety with all stages of the FS lifecycle, combined with real stories of accidents/disasters to establish the importance of FS, without dwelling into too many calculations, formula etc.,. I could get a complete picture of FSMS . I was impressed with Tino's knowledge, vast experience , complete mastery over the subject and his motivation to participants in preparation and performing the follow-up exams. I strongly recommend this course to anybody involved in Functional Safety Management .

I attended 3 days Functional Safety Engineer course at Abudhabi and consider myself fortunate to join this course taught by FS expert Tino. Tino is Senior Expert in Functional Safety practicing for many years & involved on many International Standards Committee. I personally like his unbiased & independent views relating to FS design & implementation for fulfilling the requirements stated by IEC Standards. For me, personally Functional Safety Specification, SIS Design & Implementation , Verification & Validation was real take away. I felt that 3 days course was really engaging due to its structured topics covering all aspects of Functional Safety with regards to the relevant IEC & ISA standards. I would recommend this course to anyone who is involved & practicing Functional Safety in their profession.

I recently took part in a functional safety engineering course lead by Tino and I successfully passed the final examination; a success that I share with Tino; so I strongly recommend him as a knowledgeable trainer for those seeking such specialty in the field of functional safety

Making non-sense should passing a training course successfully, but not mentioning how extensive knowledge of instructor along with his personal attitudes played a great role to achieve so. I recently passed course "Functional Safety" under Tino's instruction & guidance quite efficiently & effectively, leading to learn an enormous amount of practical knowledge of "Functional Safety" never thought before. And don't hesitate to recommend Safety Engineers, Process Engineers and Instrument Engineers to gain benefits of attending this course. Wishing the best and with the best wishes for all aspects of his life.

I was Part of the TUV Functional Safety course held at Abu Dhabi in Sept'2017. Tino gave the training on Functional Safety with easiness using his vast experience and knowledge .He also shown some videos of the real stories of industry accidents to enhance the importance of Functional Safety. The participants were relatively smaller in numbers and the atmosphere of the class room was excellent. Training was very useful , practical and inspiring me to follow the safety standards. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who involved in Functional Safety Management .

I took part in the functional safety training in March 2017 and Tino was my trainer. The training itself was very interesting and useful for me as for System Integrator and real life examples from Tino made it easy to understand even the most complicated topics. Great training by very experienced trainer.