I've attended Tino's FS Engineer training course in Milano in March 2017. It was impressive demonstration of how to provide an insight into very broad and complex subject in very limited time by combining lectures, discussions, exercises and homework tasks. Strongly recommended!

To whom it may concern, I highly recommend the TÜV Functional Safety Engineer training class by Mr. Tino Vande Capelle which I attended myself in January 2017. In just 3 days Tino succeeded to get the utmost out of each of the participants by using his knowledge, experience and anecdotes in the field of functional safety. He challenged all of us to interact, no time to lay back. It personnaly delivered me the insight into the lifecycle model of functional safety. This training really is value for money! Thanks, Tino.

Tino, thank you for the TÜV Functional Safety training. Thanks to your functional safety expertise and passion i passed the exam with flying colours! Cheers!

Hi Tino, thanks for the very usefull, practical and high level TÜV Functional Safety training! It was tough, theoretical and an awful lot in a short time, but you kept it interesting and possible to pass. Great!!

Capacity in approaching to the topics and teaching the participants into the SIS is stunning. Even hardly understandable and complicated parts of lectures Mr. Tino brilliantly explained in simple and efficient way as well that Functional Safety is not only that but also ongoing process of the people, equipment and procedures. It was a pleasure to attend the lectures and gain real knowledge of Functional safety. Tino, thank you for dedication and passionate work to share great personal knowledge. I highly recommend this TVC Course to anyone who wants to extend knowledge of Functional Safety.

I participated in a Functional Safety Course delivered by Tino in Teheran, Iran, Oct 30 - Nov 2 2016. The course was very useful and really challenging. Tino brought his vast engineering experiences with the demands for practical application of functional safety standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 in the process industry. His teaching skills and vast knowledge resulted in easy understanding of the subject and it was rich enough to achieve process safety in desired level in practice in every life-cycle phase. He also taught us the safety culture and not compromising safety. I highly recommend this course to all engineers and managers involved in process functional safety. Dear Tino, thanks for the great experience.

As an engineer who has spent years in South Pars Gas Filed as a significant mega project, I think I wasn’t lucky to find Tino sooner. He is more than a good trainer who explains, demonstrates and shares practical functional safety knowledge with you. As a great one he inspires you to follow functional safety concepts in each life-cycle phase of process industries. I highly recommend him to all I&C engineers interested in functional safety and SIS to participate in his program or use his consultancy since it will change your frameworks. Thanks TUV Rheinland, GM International and Tino as TVC for presenting the first Functional Safety program in Iran.

I attended the Functional safety training held by Tino in October 2016 and I recommend it to anyone interested in the subject. The concept of the well thought presentations, full-filled very often with practical examples and lessons learned from the industry together with interaction with the participants, opens new view of the complex matter related to achieving functional safety.

Tino's teaching skills, devotion and enormous knowledge showed me a new world of engineering in a way that it was absolutely easy to understand, clear to try looking for answers and, what is the most important, rich enough to start asking questions. FSE and SIS itself, exist in my company since it was designed, I have worked on it day by day, year by year, but I recently and finally realized what has to be done in near future (ASAP) to achieve process and equipment safety on a satisfactory level. Thank You Tino, and all the best both in life and in a career (I don't have a doubt about it.)

I have attended in the Functional Safety training in March 2016, Manchester UK . Tino is a true professional with a broad safety experience. I would strongly recommend Tino's Functional Safety Engineering course to anyone involved in safety related business.

I attended the FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) training held in February 2016 in the GMI offices in Milan (Italy). Tino's experience is incredible and the way to present the arguments is clear and effective. He's always available for any clarification and creates a very positive atmosphere. Nothing is more true of his words at the end of the course "Remember to check out your SOFTWARE in ALL YOUR safety related devices/systems and READ & UNDERSTAND your certificates/reports/safety manuals and documentation before dreaming that you are SAFE" Thank you Tino

I have attended Tino's TUV training in November 2015. The way he conducted the training was excellent. Though the topic was little difficult, he managed us to understand the concept with real world examples. Thank you Tino for the great experience!!

I followed Tino's Functional Safety Engineers course at Eindhoven last week. Tino has the power to change the boring and difficult to understand text from the safety standards into clear and understandable terms and examples. Tino, thank you for the great educational experience! Hans van Hulten.

In my more than 30 year engineering practice, I didn’t met faster and more efficient way, as it was 3.5 day Functional Safety training course (SIS), which was held in Belgrade during July, by my colleague Tino Vande Capelle, as the best manner to reconnect positive engineer’s experience with the demands for practical application of Functional Safety standards IEC61508 / 61511 in the process industry. Thank You Tino!

I participated in the TUV FS program conducted by Tino in May 2015. The best thing about the training was the expert interpretation of the standard given to us by him. Expert interpretation means that we were told about the challenges of implementing the various clauses, where the industry and future trends of the standard is heading to, what are the pitfalls to avoid while implementation and what to expect from a well engineered solution - and all this in simple & easy to understand way. He has an excellent teaching style and makes sure that all participants equally understand the concepts. The way he handles participant questions and answers helped me in developing a better understanding of the standard as well.

I attended the TUV FS engineer course run by Tino. The course was intensive but kept the focus on practical application of standards with real world examples from industry to highlight the relevance and importance of each topic. Tino has years of industry experience and is clearly a master of the subject, he is also a skilled trainer and delivered the course with great enthusiasm to keep everyone engaged. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone involved with safety systems.

I Have attended the FS Eng. TUV training with Tino @ Dubai, Dec. 2014; Although the course subject itself is a very interesting topic, but with Tino' extensive professional experience in both FS engineering \ training class as instructor; that made these 3 days are brilliant

I participated in a Functional Safety Course delivered by Tino in Dubai, UAE, November 2014. The course was very useful, engaging and really challenging. These 3-4 days were very interesting and subject kept me focused and motivated all the time. Tino's presentation and guiding skills are really great. I would like to recommend Functional Safety Course by Tino VC to anyone working within process & functional safety and with safety instrumented systems.

I had attended TUV FS Engineer Training in Dubai which is instructed by Mr. Tino. The course is a good one and Mr. Tino has good process and SIS knowledge. The explanation given by Mr.Tino during Training is good

I attended the Functional Safety course with Tino in Norway. It was an intensive three-days course which I found very interesting, and I appreciated the way Tino explained in a clear and exhaustive way all the topics related to Functional Safety.

I attended the Functional Safety course with Tino on October 2014 in Milan. It was an intensive three-days course which I found very interesting, and I appreciated the way Tino explained in a clear and exhaustive way all the topics related to Functional Safety, which sometimes could be tricky or easily misunderstood. I recommend the other engineers to have the chance to brush up their professional knowledge on Safety by following this Functional Safety course provided by Tino.

It is rare to meet such an experienced and knowledgeable individual who can deliver training to a very high standard while accounting for each participants learning style. Tino's delivery is flawless, a perfect balance of informative and engaging - a real testament to Tino's skills and fantastic personality. Tino sets the bar for how training should be and others should aspire to!

The Functional Safety Course with Tino was joyful and very useful. The material was structured very carefully by Tino, in order to allow us to have the most of the course duration, as the subject has lots of aspects to be covered in relatively short period. On the other hand, Tino's approach and effort to simplify the subject was great. Thanks Tino.

I completed the Functional Safety Engineer (TUV Rheinland) Training Course with Tino as our tutor in October 2014 along with 3 other colleagues Both the course documentation/content and presentation was excellent. I successfully passed the course and would now recommend this course to others as I believe the way Tino completes the course is well structured and easy to follow given the amount of information that has to be taken in. His experience in the industry also helps greatly. Thanks Tino!

I participated in a Function Safety Engineering course that was taught by Tino. His instruction was excellent, as were his training materials. His wide experience in the field of Functional Safety meant that he had real-world examples to back up virtually all of the instruction topics. Tino even went out of his way to assist me with a topic (Markov modeling) that was not a major topic of the course. I would like to thank Tino for demonstrating to me clearly that Functional Safety is not just about instrumented protective systems, but that it is an ongoing process of people, procedures and equipment. Many thanks Tino. Dave Hugg - Shell International E&P Inc.

I just passed the exam of Tino's TÜV Functional Safety Course in July 2014 in Shanghai China. Within 3 days Tino could manages to transmit all the key points to us, which should be kept in mind if you touch Function Safety. Normally if a trainning is more than 2 days, then it will be boring, but not with Tino, and belive me you will not fall into a sleep! I would like to strongly recommend Tino's training and the FS Eng.course.

Somethings cannot just fit into sheets of paper measuring 8 by 11inches with ink all over attempting to describe how to be safe. Somethings can only be learnt in a training with someone who has got it first hand! That is what Tino's lecture on Functional safety brought to me at UAE, April 2014 and I do strongly recommend Tino as a functional safety expert. Training from an experienced expert cannot be quantified with paper and ink!

I attended FS Engineer course in Perth and it was a wonderful experience. Not only the content of the course but the knowledge and experience tino shared was remarkable. He engaged class very well and discussions helped to understand some concept in depth.

Tino has exceptional knowledge of functional safety. He is able to draw on past experiences to help students gain an understanding in the Functional Safety course. His presentation skills, delivery of information both presented and in documents is accurate, suit the purpose it is intended, easy to understand and accessible and available. If anyone is thinking of gaining the TUV Rheinland Functional Safety Engineer qualification then I cant recommend Tino enough. Thanks Tino for getting me through it.

I have participated Tino's TÜV Functional Safety Course in May 2014 in Dubai.Tino's knowledge on the subject field was first rate and this was supported by his wide ranging practical experience and case studies. He has a unique and a highly creative way to pass the knowledge of Functional Safety and make people understand how to implement it. His communication skills and practical knowledge kept me interested and focused all the time. To be honest , I greatly recommend all those who needs or wants to know what Functional Safety is (in real), to participate in Tino’s course.