I have attended training on functional safety in May 2012 in Milan. It was a very well structured, very challenging and informative course. I was impressed by Tino’s experience, expertise and practical approach. I strongly recommend Tino's training to all engineers interested in functional safety.

Tino was the trainer at the Functional Safety Course I attended in Sydney in March 2012. Tino's knowledge of the subject and and passion in delivering the material made it by far the most valuable course I have attended on Functional Safety. Tino made the material intersting and the exam a breeze. Thankyou for good and interesting week. Cheers, Peter Shumack

I highly recommend Tino. I completed TÜV FS Engineer training where I learned a lot, got strong backgrounds what Functional Safety is all about. Tino’s communication skills and practical knowledge kept me interested and focused all the time. He was very good at explaining and pointing out the important details of FS. Thank you very much for you time it was great experience.

I attended the TUV training course that Tino conducted in Houston in April of 2012. While I have been associated with Tino and have heard many coworkers and clients praise his training capabilities, this was the first chance I had to experience it personally. Tino is a great teacher with tremendous subject knowldege, the thing that impressed me most was the fact that he was able to present the subject matter in a down to earth, real world manner. Functional Safety, in my estimation is all too often treated to academically. Tino was able to make it very real world. We will continue to use Tino for such courses and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking knowledge or advice on this subject.

I've attended the TUV FS training course teached by Tino in 2012.. As I have attended in my process career (more than 17 years) many trainings programs of all kinds. I have to say in all honesty! This was so far the most professional and well organised training course that I have particpated in. Keeping a class room of more than 10 persons focused, intrested and charing valuable knowledge about functional safety with each other during a 3-4 day training course. Is an achievement on it's own! Educating me enough in order for me to succeed in the exam was the second achievement :-) Thx, Tino !

Tino was our Functional Safety Engineering Trainer in the Perth Session of March 2012. Undeniably, Tino is an absolute Master of his topic of Functional Safety. Coupled with this Tino's outstanding presentation skills and natural mentoring ability, Tino is able to captivate his audience. Tino selflessly shared vast professional experience and was able to pick real life examples, seemingly at will, that the various members of the audience would easily relate to. I highly recommend Tino and the TUV Functional Safety course for everyone involved in plant design and/or management. Thank you Tino for the new insight and understanding!

Tino is a passionate teacher when it comes to Functional Safety, his knowledge is unquestionable and he is extremely good at emphasising why functional safety in the process industry is critical for all. The course he presented was extremely worth while and it will make you think twice before you accept its SAFE.

The TUV FS training I attended from Tino in feb 2012 was excellent. Tino really proved to be an expert in the field of functional safety. He answered all my questions and cleared many misconceptions about Functional Safety. His presentation was full of passion and energy. I feel more competent after attending training from him, thank you sir. I wish you all the best.

I have attended Tino's training on functional safety between 19-22 February 2012 in Dubai. It was a fantastic training, well-organised, well-structured, practical. Tino's expertise on the subject and his teaching skills gave me a clearer insight into functional safety. I strongly recommend Tino's training to all engineers who are interested in functional safety as starter/complementary/refresher.

Approachable, Expert in Functional Safety Engineering, a Good Leader, a Good Communicator- this is what TVC is. I first met TVC at ADIPEC 2010 in Abu Dhabi. We had a brief chat and we discussed only Functional Safety Engineering. I must say that Functional Safety Engineering is truly TVC's passion. His understanding of the subject, pros and cons of the ticklish issues like SFF/device reports is great. The Gentleman actually calls up the certification agency if he finds that there is some issue with the device certification data.

Tino was our Functional Safety Engineering Trainer in the Tokyo Session of 2011. Besides his mastering of the topic, his high presentation skills and his mastering of all the other mendatory aspects required by the job, Tino had this special wilingness to share his rich professional experience with the perfect strangers we were. I strongly recommend his course and other Functional Safety related services for any organization looking for efficiency and professionalism. Thank you Tino and see you probably during the Functional Safety Expertise session.

I attended the FS Training Course in Prague, Czech Republic in December 2011. I already practice safety engineering as an occupation but completed this course to enhance my knowledge and understanding of functional safety. This was about the best I could have hoped for, a truly exceptional course with an exceptional teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. Tino used his own personality well to provide a new insight into safety within industry and the passion with which he delivered the course ensured that the message was clearly received. Now I’m sure I and all of the other course members will be much more functionally safe in the future.

I attended Tino's TUV certification course in Prague and it was the best safety training I've ever been on. Tino is a real expert and I liked he explained complex safety norms based on his personal experiences gained on real projects he worked on.

I attended a 4 day course in Functional Safety recently and Tino delivered the course. Tino's knowledge and experience on the subject was extremely good. In his unique and creative way he ensured that the class understood the importance of functional safety in relavent industry. I have worked in the oil and gas industry since 1976. I learnt a lot about functional safety in spite of this. Tino was great.

Tino has been the trainer for the Functional Safety Engineer course I attended in Rome last October. I was impressed by his completeness: expert, experienced, detailed, pratical, understandable and friendly; and all features over the top! I enjoyed each moment of the course. His passion and interest for the Functional Safety has been very contagious. Tino is a FS autorithy.

Je suis heureux de recommander Tino Vande Capele pour la qualité de la formation Sécurité Fonctionnelle qu'il anime avec brio pour HIMA, en collaboration avec TüV Rheinland. Tino parvient à expliquer en termes simples les normes CEI61508 et 511, et sait se mettre à la portée de son auditoire. Les exemples et anecdotes cités au cours de la formation sont pertinents et témoignent de l'expérience cumulée de Tino dans le domaine de la Sécurité Fonctionnelle.

Tino has been the trainer for the TUV FS Certification course I attended in Rome. His great skills in keeping his students’ attention high, together with his experience in Industrial Plants and Functionally Safe Applications made his interesting course also easier to follow, though concentrated in few intense days. I feel like suggesting him as a teacher: with the appropriate prerequisites, as required by the application procedure, everyone can take benefit by his FS course, seeing Functional Safety as something to be kept in our minds in all the phases of ours and our team’s work.

I’ve been valuing Tino’s great professionalism, as one of the participants to his TUV Functional Safety course for Engineering Professionals in Rome. Such trainings require a particular ability to make far-from-immediate concepts come across; this quality, although expected by any attendants, cannot be taken as granted. Tino fulfilled my best expectations thanks to his *proven-in-use* knowledge and his communication gift with us class. Moreover I also appreciated the professional fair approach to practical applications without falling into temptation to turn a Training about Safety Standards into advertisement for given Safety Products.

I attended a training in Oct, 2011 for TUV Functional Safety Engineer conducted by Tino in Abu Dhabi. I found Tino be very effective trainer with in depth knowledge of the subject area. He presented the subject matter in a way which made it very interesting and relevant with the practical world. He could give very specific examples because of his accomplished career. He really is an authority in Functional Safety.

Tino has a profound knowledge of functional safety and a natural way to share his experiences with his students. Thank you very much for the training.

Tino facilitated at Functional Safety Engineer training course. I was impressed with his experience and expertise and the manner in which he brought a practical approach to the subjects making them that much more relevant. Tino has a friendly but focused approach to the training which made the course that much more enjoyable for all those who attended.

Tino presented a recent TUV course on Functional Safety at New Plymouth, New Zealand. The course was informative and detail orientated but was made fun by Tino's unique perspective, obviously gained from his many years spent in Industry. I highly recommend this course.

I recently attended the TUV Functional Safety Course presented by Tino. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable on the subject, with many first hand accounts. His teaching method is first rate and he is passionate about his subject, he made the course interesting, which in turn made it easier to grasp.

I recently attended the Functional Safety Training delivered by Tino and was thoroughly impressed by his delivery and professionalism. His depth of understanding is significant, both at the theoretical level (what the standards say) but more importantly for the end user, at the practical level (how to meet the intent of the standard and what to watch out for when you do). I would thoroughly recommend Tino's Unbeatable Value (TUV) ;-)

Prior to the FS Training course conducted by Tino, I thought FS Course is too difficult to digest. But Tino makes it easy in a simple step-by-step approach with the specially prepared slides. He has an unique ability to put a complex topic in simple format. He provides real-life examples how the end-user or the designer or system integrator overlook safety aspects and brings the fundamentals we all should focus about FS. His guidance will very valuable for anyone not only in FS Training but also for someone seeking consultations in latest in safety standards and conceptual design related to a safety projects. I strongly recommend Tino when it comes to FS Training and implementation.

I recently attended TUV Functional Safety Engineer course conducted by Tino. I must admit that I have learnt a lot from this program and Tino really helps to bridge the understanding of this “ dry and complex “ subject with his excellent training skills that peppered with real life examples. I especially enjoyed the practical student exercises that enhance my understanding on various Hazard Risk Analysis methodologies, what and how to define a safety function and a practical example of what to look out for in a certificate . To sum it up, I highly recommend anybody seriously considering trying for TUV Functional Safety Engineer certification to attend Tino's course.

I was attended the HIMA FS trainin "TUV FS Program for Engineering Professionals" and Tino was excellent lector.

Being a participant on Tino's TUV Functional Safety SIS course in Prague was a great experience, Tino delivered the course with enthusiasm and energy. I recommend anybody seriously considering trying for TUV Functional Safety Engineer certification to attend Tino's course. This is a tough subject but Tino delivers the material in a way that makes perfect sense to all levels of intelligence.

Tino was my instructor for the TUV FS Engineer training course i recently attended (october 2010): to be honest, before starting the "class", i was wondering how i could ever keep my attention and interest with no blackouts for 8 hours a day, as this is not such easy stuff to teach, and not an easy stuff to learn. Well, my doubts were soon gone: Tino has a terrific capability to keep the attendants focused, an extraordinary ability to make the "students" understand and catch which the key-points for each topic are and outstanding communicative skills he can transfer his knowledge through. It's a matter of method,passion, experience and committment and Tino has all of them.

"I just recently attended an excellent TUV Functional Safety Certification course, put on by HIMA Americas. The course was very challenging and informative. The instructor, Tino Vande Capelle, did a most outstanding job presenting the course material. He is an Expert in Functional Safety and really knows his business. His course is very fast paced and he keeps you on your toes. I felt like I was drinking from a fire hose with all the material that was presented during the week and the four hour exam at the end of the week was a real mental workout, the toughest since college. I highly recommend this TUV Functional Safety course and especially Tino Capelle as the instructor."