I took Tino's TUV Functional Safety Certification Course in Sept. 2010 and recommend both the course and Tino as an instructor. Tino's broad experience in functional safety and his willingness to speak frankly about his experience make him a very effective instructor.

I attended Tino's Functional Safety Engineer Certification course in Shanghai (China) in March 2010. This is not the first functional safety training that I have attended, but it was the best. I would like to thank Tino for his excellent training and I would recommend Tino to any company wishing for an excellent instructor in the field of Functional Safety.

On March 23-26th this year, Tino give us a Functional Safety Engineer training course in Shanghai. Tino made these boring concepts simple and interesting. 3 days time flies very fast.His erudition and professional really impress us.

Tino was my trainer during the "TUV Functional Safety Engineer" training and certification in March 2010 at Hima Shanghai. He impressed me with his very well structured training program and his excellent presentation skills. What makes him for our class and me outstanding is the fact that his deep knowledge about functional safety is not only base on theory and international standards but considerably more on the experience in the field and real life. He knows well how to guide his trainees through the jungle of codes and standards. His training includes examples from real life as well videos which creates an interactive communication between him and his trainees. I learned a lot about functional safety in this training. To bring it in one sentence “Tino is an excellent and competent teacher”. I would like to thank Tino once again for his excellent training and I strongly recommend Tino as a functional safety trainer and expert.

Tino has shown me a path through the jungle of Functional Safety, 61508 and 61511.

Tino is a very good teacher of safety features. I highly recommend his functional safety course. In his lecture, the points are clearly organized, often introducing good examples, easy to understand and answer the questions of participants to the point. Not only that, he will provide the precautions described in an orderly sequence that is derived from a variety of questions. Also, the atmosphere of the lecture which comes from his personality is full of enthusiasm, not to be bored at all. Of course you are required to prepare advance basic knowledge, and the amount of assignment of reviewing the day's lecture is quite a few. But if you master the gist of his advice as well, 'TUV Functional Safety Engineer' is definitely going to be one of your credentials.

I studied for TUV Functional Safety Engineer with Tino Vande Capelle as the teacher and he is a very experienced person in the area of Functional Safety where he can explain the content with very practical examples. Especially the practical approach to his field of expertise makes the information quickly accessable and understandable.

I attended a Functional Safety class in Belgium in November 2009 were Tino was the trainer. Coming from a Chemistry background this training was my introduction to Functional Safety. In only three days Tino increased my Functional Safety knowledge upto a level required for my current role as PSM Engineer. Tino's pleasant way of teaching and his high level of experience in the field made this course interesting from the beginning till the very end.

I attended Tino's TUV Functional Safety Certification Course during 10/12/09 - 10/15/09 at Houston. This program is very well structured and rich in contents. At the end of the course you not only have a very good chance to pass the test and become a Functional Safety Engineer but more importantly you learned the knowledge and will have completely different attitude toward the process industry safety system implementation. I strongly recommend any professionals whose job relates to the industry safety to take this course, your career and company will be benefited greatly. Tino has lots of industry experience, his knowledge and humorous personality makes him an outstanding instructor. I am so glad that I took the course and got to know him so if I ever have needs; I know he is the best person to help and through his contacts and connections I won’t be alone. Thank you again Tino, can’t express enough about my thanks.

Tino has been instrumental in improving the SIS skill sets for my company bringing real life experience and fact based training to the table. Obtaining TUV Certification was the next step in fulfilling my company's directive and Tino has made that happen. I would recommend Tino to all who are looking to achieve SIS Certification and to those that are looking to have their company's compliance to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 authenticated. He is an extremely competent and uncompromisable asset to our industry.

I had the privilege of attending Tino's Functional Safety Engineering Course in Houston Texas October 12-15. Tino was both engaging and factual in his teaching of this important subject. I would recommend Tino to any company wishing for an excellent instructor in the field of Functional Safety. By far, this was the best course and best instructor I have ever encountered.

Tino was my teacher during a TUV Functional Safety training course; I can say that Tino has a deep knowledge of safety-related issues, not only from a theoretical point of view but also from a practical point of view. He was able to answer many of my questions about problems I encountered in the development of petrochemical plants. I'd like to add that Tino put a lot of passion in his work and my experience was quite good.

I had learned about the Functional Safety Management from my old friend working with Oil Company in India. Then I gone through various literatures and grasp some knowledge about the subject. Then with the guidance of Mr. Marc Souche of M/S TOTAL we had started a project for validating the SIL level in our plant in Messaaid, Doha. When we were stuck at a point and looking for some solutions, we came to know about the course conduct by M/S HIMA in Dubai and we registered to the course. It was a review training course for TÜV Functional Safety Certificate. I think the course is well designed to provide engineers involved in Safety Instrumented Systems with know-how on Functional Safety Management and applicable standards like IEC61508 and IEC61511 in this field. Mr. Tino had touched all aspects of functional safety management and cleared many doubts, I had in functional safety. Some of issues being negligent in the field, especially the Users like us are highlighted, Thanks to Mr. Tino for his extensive knowledge and experience in this field. 1. Architectural Constraints of SIS Loops which (I was) normally were overlooked when calculating Safety Integrity Level (SIL). 2. Claim by Manufacturers for SILx products. 3. Proven–in –use claims 4. FMEDA Reports authenticity 5. Reliability data availability, etc… The list goes on… It was one of the excellent courses I had attended in my carrier. Mr. Tino’s presentation was excellent and I do recommend that engineers and managers in Safety Instrumented System should attend this training. Additionally you will be receiving TÜV Functional Safety Engineer certificate on successfully completing the course. It is a valuable certificate to boost your carrier potentials.

Functional Safety Engineering that was conducted my HIMA Middle East in March 2009 in Dubai. His vast area of expertise and in depth knowledge in Functional safety helped us getting a very good knowledge in the aspects of functional safety. His way of conducting the training was highly efficient in catering to every individuals requirement. He gave many tips and notes and sample questions during the training that helped in getting certified. He presented a lot of videos and questionnaires which made the training a lot interactive and interesting. I strongly recommend Tino as a Functional safety expert and a good trainer.

I attended a Functional Safety training course in Perth, Tino was the consultant and immediately impressed with his attitude to the course. His knowledge of the subject was excellent and he could give examples from his own work experience. He could gauge a persons understanding and give extra help and support if required. From a personal point of view I would have no hesitation in recommending Tino.

I attended the 'Functional Safety Engineering' course presented in Perth, March 2009. The course was very helpful and practical, with good quality training materials. Tino is an excellent presenter who was able to clearly communicate the concepts and provide examples from his experience to illustrate the points.

As Tino's student in the HIMA TUV Functional Safety Course held in Perth in the first week of March 2009, I was very impressed with the way he delivered the course with much precision and concision in just a short space of 3 days! His unique teaching style was both so effective and captivating that it tended to generate individual's self-interest of striving to learn, think and comprehend the subject in greater depth. His vast practical experience had made possible for him to single out salient aspects of the subject which he delivered with such powerful and repeated exertion that made the sink-in-the-heads process almost a certainty. He has also demonstrated the good quality of being a personal and caring coach to his fellow students on an individual's need basis. Without any hesitation, I'd strongly recommend Tino as a Functional Safety Expert in engaging with any field of FS-related businesses.

Tino has conducted an Excellent, Well presented TUV Functional Safety Managament Training Course in Perth, Australia in first week of March 2009. He has an Exceptional Practical Knowledge in the areas of Functional Safety, SIS Standards IEC 61508 & 61511. He delivers the training in a very well structured manner and interacts with each & every participant for lots of case studies related to Functional Safety in Process Industry. I strongly recommend Tino, as a Functional Safety Expert and an Enthusiastic Trainer.

Tino was my trainer for the HIMA TUV Functional Safety Engineer course. He proved to be a highly knowledgeable expert in functional safety with lots of practical experience. His teaching style is easy-going, entertaining even but highly effective. I thoroughly recommend Tino as a functional safety expert and trainer.

A long time professional with HIMA recommended that I attend a Safety Engineering training course to be conducted by HIMA Safety Training Center in Dubai, April of 2008 in order to acquire certification as Functional Safety Engineer. With a number of years of experience in the field, I was apprehensive in investing in the training course not knowing what to expect, let alone having to pass the final test given the fairly short notice to prepare. Then I read the White Paper, Functional Safety: A Practical Approach for End-Users and System Integrators, co-written by Tino Vande Capelle and Dr. M.J.M Houtermans. This well articulated paper, neatly correlated to my work on Functional Safety Engineering, which made my decision to self-finance for the course a plausible investment. For those that have worked on Functional Safety, but are unable to gauge whether the training course is for them or not, I suggest that these individuals first read the White Paper. Attending the course consequently made a lot of sense. Tino Vande Capelle conducted the training course, delivered with powerful presentations, video footage of actual hazards in the work place, group discussions, stage-by-stage exercises for self-evaluation to advance to next level, thus presenting the course with brilliance and a vital balance of text material and audio/video content. The audio/visual presentations where a favorite, where I particularly enjoyed the challenge given in coming up with various reasons on the cause of the hazard. Where I seemed to overlook some of the causes, those would be picked up by fellow course trainees and were thus shared and discussed individually. Tino also shared many of his personal experiences in the field coupled with sample Safety Requirement Specifications. I must stress that the training course is really a re-fresher course, (reading the standards alone may only help somewhat) as it impossible to accumulate the wealth of knowledge on Functional Safety in just 4 days. Tino ensures that your experience and understanding of the Standards is brought to focus and revived during the course. As a bonus, after hours, Tino provided a numerous reference materials in the form of CDs, paperbacks, web links to self-evaluating test sites, etc., to provide trainees to develop further and explore their own direction in the field. Last but not the least, who knew that the course fee covered a 5-star venue like the Hyatt - Dubai, with its unmatched ambience and hospitality.

"Functional Safety" is an emerging concept in Australian industries.HIMA's Functional Safety Management (FSM) course is in the forefront of delivering the best knowledge outcomes for achieving world class process safety standards. HIMA's Functional Safety Management course goes into the rigour of technical requirements leading to a process safety outcome. A systematic safety lifecycle assessment with well documented process certainly emphasises on achieving target risk levels. The course content covers in depth on crucial elements like desired reliability, writing safety requirement specifications, safety integrity level determination,proof test intervals,change management principles, independence during verification and validation. The course is well structured and is professionally well delivered.Tino Vande Capelle delivers the course with professional zeal and enthusiasm.Practical field work experience and a sound understanding of process safety issues makes Mr.Capelle truely a world class trainer. I personally have gained new perspective on functional safety management and has certainly broadened my professional outlook on process safety.I have high regards for the knowledge possessed by Mr.Tino Vande Capelle. I strongly recommend this course for all chemical or related field dealing with process safety.

I brought Tino in to develop a project engineering capability and to lead the service engineers within our TRICONEX (now Schneider) organization, covering Europe and Africa. He displayed strong leadership in building our technical group. He is diligent and efficient in Project Management and cost control. He is extremely effective in negotiations with clients at all levels. Tino is a team player possessing strong leadership skills. His contributions were a major reason for the success of our Business Unit.

Tino and I worked together, since 2003, on a number of functional safety projects for HIMA internally and on client projects. Tino has a hands on approach to everything and his large network in this field makes it possible to solve any problem.