Tino Vande Capelle

Tino, hailing from Belgium, boasts a distinguished education in Automation & Critical Control Systems. With over three decades of experience across diverse sectors including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, and LNG Industries, he has honed his expertise in Technical Management, Marketing & Technical Consultancy, hardware & software engineering, process control engineering, and troubleshooting.


Proficient in advanced control, distributed control, SCADA, emergency shutdown, fire & gas, compressor control, and PLC systems, Tino stands as a Senior Functional Safety Expert & Trainer accredited by the prestigious TÜV Rheinland program for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). Notably, he is the sole active trainer remaining from the original quartet who initiated the SIS competency review program at its inception.


Tino’s passion for knowledge-sharing and continuous learning is evident in his commitment to providing Functional Safety training in IEC 61508 & IEC 61511. His expertise and dedication have made him a sought-after figure for seminars, webinars, and presentations worldwide, where his profound mastery of the subject matter shines.


A prolific author, Tino has contributed extensively to the field through numerous papers and magazine articles. Additionally, he holds a senior membership with the International Society of Automation (ISA), further solidifying his standing as a leader and innovator in the industry.


Lalit Shamkant Shaiwale

Lalit, a Mumbai native, holds both a Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumentation from esteemed institutions in India, complemented by a Diploma in Business Management. Over his impressive 22+ year career, Lalit has left an indelible mark across diverse industries including Petrochemicals, Refining and Petroleum, Specialty Chemicals, and Rail.

His multifaceted expertise encompasses Engineering, Marketing & Technical Consultancy, hardware & software engineering, process control engineering, and field instrumentation. Lalit’s hands-on experience extends to a myriad of systems including DCS, SCADA, ESD, F&G, BMS, and compressor control systems. Having actively contributed to over 40 projects involving PLC, Safety PLC, and SCADA, Lalit’s proficiency is unmatched.

Currently, Lalit serves as an accredited TÜV Rheinland program trainer for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), where he imparts his wealth of knowledge and experience to aspiring professionals. His commitment to promoting safety culture is evident through numerous Functional Safety seminars and trainings conducted, with over 300 attendees benefiting from his insights thus far.

Moreover, Lalit has played a pivotal role in over +100 projects involving Functional Safety studies such as HAZOP, SIL assessment and Verification, SRS, and RAMS, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in the field.

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Denrich Sananda

Denrich Sananda

Denrich, an instrumentation Engineer with a distinguished qualification from Harvard Business School, boasts an impressive 24-year career dedicated to process safety automation. Renowned for his leadership prowess, Denrich has spearheaded high-potential teams within complex business environments, safeguarding high-value assets across sectors including Oil & Gas, Utilities, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, and Refineries.

With a focus on risk mitigation and management, Denrich specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for functional safety and Operational Technology (OT) security within Industrial Control System (ICS) environments. Leveraging industry standards such as ISA/IEC 61511, ISA/IEC 62443, NIST, and NERC CIP, he ensures the robust protection of critical infrastructure.

Denrich’s hands-on experience encompasses the execution, commissioning, and troubleshooting of numerous safety system projects, underscoring his practical expertise in the field.

As an accredited TÜV Rheinland program trainer for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), Denrich is committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise. He has conducted numerous Functional Safety seminars and training sessions aimed at fostering awareness of IEC 61508 & IEC 61511 lifecycle approaches.

Passionate about safety and security, Denrich is a sought-after speaker at conferences and forums, where he actively engages in discussions surrounding Functional Safety and OT/ICS cybersecurity, further solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in the field.


William Horner

William Horner is a distinguished Chartered Engineer and proud Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET), boasting an MBA from Durham Business School. With a sterling reputation as an accredited TÜV Rheinland Cybersecurity trainer for both the Fundamentals of Cyber Security and the Security Risk Assessment training program, William stands at the forefront of industrial cybersecurity education.

With over 25 years of invaluable experience, William has been instrumental in delivering cutting-edge services and knowledge pertaining to cybersecurity for process automation and industrial control systems. His expertise spans diverse sectors including Chemicals & Plastics, Oil & Gas, and Energy, encompassing critical national infrastructure.

Having held pivotal roles in Process Automation and Operations internationally, William has garnered a reputation for innovation, consistently introducing groundbreaking approaches through technology utilization. He has been integral to several large-scale global Industrial Control System security initiatives, where his practical solutions have proven instrumental in addressing challenges, raising awareness, and managing cyber risk effectively.

Driven by an unwavering passion for Industrial Automation Control Systems Security, William is dedicated to sharing his wealth of experience and expertise. He actively participates in training sessions, conferences, and forums, engaging in discussions on OT/ICS Cyber Security and advocating for enhanced cybersecurity measures across industries.

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