I highly recommend Mr. Tino as a TUV-FSE trainer. He has excellent knowledge of the subject matter and his ability to present the information in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner made the training truly enjoyable. Mr. Tino is very organized and He consistently demonstrates strong communication skills, making him an effective teacher. . Mr. Tino's real-world experience and practical examples brought the TUV-FSE material to life and He always made sure that all participants fully understood the concepts before moving on. his ability to manage the class and handle questions and concerns in a professional and helpful manner was truly impressive. . Looking forward for more trainings and certifications in future.... (Jan 2023)
Sarat Chandra Vallabhaneni - Con Supv-Instrumentation & Control at QatarEnergy - Qatar
I had an excellent learning experience attending the FS Eng - SIS course held by Tino. The course is a very interesting mix between engineering theory and real world examples and applications of functional safety. The discussions that he opens with fellow trainees/practitioners keep you engaged, and together with his ample experience in the industry, they cement in memory the important concepts and good engineering practices. I definitely recommend him to all my fellow colleagues in the industry! (Dec 2022)
Ahmed H. (Romakh) Fouad - Automation Engineer, M.Sc. - TTC S.r.l. Italy
Thank you for your guidance and support throughout the course. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and your wealth of knowledge on the topic. Your positive attitude and dedication to the subject made it easier to digest the intensive theory and work load. I recommend this course to everyone for people working with both safety and non-safety systems. (Dec 2022)
Andreas Nymoen - System Spesialist at Necto AS - Norway
If you have the opportunity to be trained by Tino, go for it! Having followed various training programmes and courses over the years, many disappoint, or the trainer fails to draw you into the subject matter. Tino however is one of those rare specialists that live and breathe what they are teaching and is able to keep you involved throughout his training. Not in the least because of his natural presentation and storytelling abilities. I attended his Functional Safety Engineer 3.5 day course and although quite though to pass, it was interesting, fun and a true learning experience! Thank you Tino! (Nov 2022)
Erik van Wouwe - Business Development Manager / Sales Manager Benelux at HIMA Smart Safety - The Netherlands
This is a long-overdue recommendation for Tino. I was fortunate to attend his amazing session on the TUV Functional Safety Certification course held in Dubai. He is a very passionate tutor with a great knowledge and expertise in Functional Safety. He delivers training in a well structured and unique manner. He is a great motivator and inspires those who are equally passionate in this field of engineering. I highly recommend his course to anyone involved in Functional Safety. (June 2022)
Jinnu Chacko - Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls & Automation Engineer | FS Eng (TÜV Rheinland) - Cully Automation Ltd - Ireland
Tino Vande Capelle is a Senior Competent individual with an adequate level of Independence. (April 2022)
Wouter Eeckhaut - Project Engineer Functional Safety at PA Solutions Inc. - Belgium
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