I had the privilege of attending the last TÜV Functional Safety training session of the 2023 led by Tino (12-15 Dec 2023 - Italy). This is my second FSE training with him since also 10 years ago, for my first FSE training, I had the pleasure to attend one of his classes and I definitely have to say that it is simply the best Functional Safety training I could have. Tino combines an immense experience (both as trainer and on the field) with an astounding passion for the topic. The result of such mix is a training which is UNIQUE in his kind, it makes you really think to what Safety means, detaching such concept from the pure calculations that every safety engineer has clearly in mind, empowering a change of perspective which shall spread the Safety Culture all around the world. (Jan 2024)
Valentina Mari - Automation and Process Control Specialist at Tecnimont - Italy
I recently had the privilege of attending a TÜV Functionnal Safety training session led by Tino, and I can't recommend him highly enough! His expertise and dedication truly made a significant impact on my learning experience. Tino has an incredible ability to make this complex topic easily understandable, his passion for safety is contagious, fostering an environment that encourages curiosity. The way he made the training not only informative, re-shaped my understanding of the Functionnal Safety and empowered my ability to think differently about it. Finally , I quote him '' SAFETY IS A CULTURE , NOT JUST NUMBERS '' . (Dec 2023)
Abdeldjalil ACHOUR - Instrumentation Engineer at Sonatrach - Algeria
I had the privilege of attending Tino's TUV Functional Safety Course. I’m impressed with his knowledge on the subject and his ability to train people. He has a unique effective training style, possesses great communication skills and maintains a strong connection with his group throughout the course. (Oct 2023)
KURT BELMANS - Freelance E&I Engineer bij Fluor Corporation - Antwerp / Belgium
It was a great experience to get the Training of FS Engineer-SIS (TUV Rheinland), under the supervision of Tino Vande Capelle. He trained the overall badge in a very professional way and quite remarkably he used his 30 years of experience in 3 days of presentations and assignments. Most importantly, i learned a lot of new things from him in short session of 4 days and I hope that i will stay in touch with him in feature for more learning. (Oct 2023)
Saim Asim - Control System Engineer|| TUV FS Engineer || Industrial Automation || Projects || Operations || Cybersecurity || PLCs - U.A.E.
Although there were a lot of on-line training courses since the broken out of Covid, the Virtual FS ENG SIS training conducted by Tino was the best I had ever experienced. First, after confirmation of register of the course, I received the Eligibility Requirements instruction, training manuals, practice, homework, and extra materials. These materials can help us to do preview of the class, even can practice homework in advance. In other word, these materials make the trainee can prepare for the class & record the questions in advance. Study in advance shall always improves the effectiveness of learning. 2nd, the expertise & expressing skills of trainer are vital elements to succeed the course. Tino had fundamental knowledge of critical control system from academic study, and he had field experiences for I&C work in real process, he also had extensive experiences to perform SIS activities including products’ design work when he served in the best SIS venders such as Triconix/Hima & G.M.International etc.. These experiences are very importance during instructing the class because not only from theoretical prospectives but also from practical challenges in real world. 3rd, during the lecture, interaction between trainer & trainee is available. The arrangement of lecture-home work review-lecture- home work review is good for effective learning. 4th, the answers of home work has bookmarked that is helpful for preparing the examination, despite the virtual or face-to-face training. Tino’s homework answers material is really excellent. Finally, I sincerely recommend Tino’s virtual FS ENG SIS training course if you are well prepared before the class. This can save your time & cost due to no traveling expense, and also due to Tino’s good instruction & interaction, you truly can get more SIS knowledge & also pass the examination to get the certificate. BTW, the ClassMarker is a comprehensive tool for online examination. Sincerely yours, Nile Hsu (Hsiang Huang Hsu) (Oct 2023)
Nile Hsu - President at Energywell Technology Co., Ltd. - Taiwan
Dank je wel Tino voor de 3 daagse training TUV FS Engineer in Eindhoven, ik kijk er met plezier op terug. De training was kort en krachtig en voor mij belangrijk om weer even up to date te geraken met de laatste stand van de normen. Maar als bijna 60-er moet je wel alle zeilen bij zetten om dingen goed te onthouden om door het examen te geraken. Ik heb bewondering voor de energie die je hebt waarmee je de stof behandelt en overbrengt op de groep, en dat heeft ons de motivatie gegeven om het maximale uit de training te halen. Dank je wel, het gaat je goed ! Groetjes Ton Kuijpers (March 2023)
Ton Kuijpers - Maintenance & Reliability Engineer E&I bij LyondellBasell - The Netherlands
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